MAY 28, 2022 | 7pm - JUNE 2, 2022 | MIDNIGHT


Candy Montgomery is a 1980s housewife and mother who did everything right—good husband, two kids, nice house, even the careful planning and execution of transgressions—but when the pressure of conformity builds within her, her actions scream for just a bit of freedom. With deadly results.
The series stars Jessica Biel, Timothy Simons, Melanie Lynskey, Pablo Schreiber, and Raúl Esparza.

The screening will be followed by a conversation with featured talent and executive producer Jessica Biel, featured talent Melanie Lynskey, showrunner and co-creator Robin Veith, and executive producer Michelle Purple.

Viewing instructions will be sent to the provided email just prior to the scheduled start time. The film will be available until midnight, Thursday, June 2.